Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Virtua Tennis 4 Kinect Questions

Kudos to 2K Sports for including Kinect support in their upcoming Virtua Tennis 4. The trailer above is very engaging and informative...on its surface. But, let's look deeper core gamers.

When it comes to the Kinect functionality, many questions are left unanswered by the clip. Here is what I want to know about Kinect and Virtua Tennis 4:

- Will the movement/running/speed of your player be automated in Kinect mode?

- Will skill shots such as drop-shots, overhead kill shots, etc; be available to the user?

- Is the first-person view of your tennis racquet/opaque forearm used to control your type of swing?

- Is the speed of your swing tracked by Kinect and relayed as shot strength?

- (Follow up to the previous question:) Is there dialogue or interactive tutorial on being safe while playing the game?

I think this could be a great showpiece for sports titles on Kinect! Whether or not it compels me to buy the sensor is yet to be seen. Michael Jackson: The Experience is filling that spot at the moment, nicely! (Hoping I win a contest at my 9-5, instead of wasting(?) my personal money on Kinect.)

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