Nondisclosure Agreement

Thank you for your interest in Project 'K'! If you are reading this, you are a core Xbox gamer enthused about Kinect. In an effort to stay true to your opinions where others have not, we want your feedback on our design for a hardware based controller specifically designed for Xbox Kinect.

To view the full design of Project 'K', we require a mutual nondisclosure agreement to be signed. Below is a link to the NDA pdf file. Please completely fill in the blank areas of the .pdf, then print and/or email/fax/mail the signed form to our offices. Once we have confirmed the legitimacy of your request by contacting you; select source material will be securely provided for viewing via an email address you provide.

Please understand due to the significant investment placed into this project, we reserve the absolute right to allow or block request for access to this information at our discretion. Any disclosure of this information to a party other than that specified in the signed NDA will prompt legal action.

Thank You!



Instructions for PDF:

Please fill in the blank lines of the file with the following information:

1) Your Name and/or Company name (if applicable)
2) Your Address or Company Address
3) Your Name and/or Company name (if applicable)
4) Your Name and/or Company name (if applicable) AND Your Address or Company Address

Please fill in the required information at the end of the document and sign.

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