Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Honeymoon is Over

OK, early adopters. It has been one calendar month since you and your beloved Kinect tied the knot. How was the honeymoon? Did Kinect blow your socks off?

Below are my concerns about purchasing Kinect. Can anyone convince me to jump in? I am still on the 3D depth fence. Leave a comment to help me allay any fears.

Lag: I have read many different experiences on lag with Kinect. This is an area of importance for a core gamer who expects quick responses from input. Should I be concerned?

Space Required: The measured distance from my 42" LCD to the couch is 5'8". Should I buy a Kinect?

1:1 Controls: This could be a pipe dream. But on the whole, can Kinect be considered a 1:1 control scheme?

Core Games: The launch titles for Kinect did not spark my interests, in the least. It's all about the software experience, right? What can I, Joe Core Gamer, look forward to?

I must confess. If Kinect had launched with a hardware-based controller and 2-3 core games, I would have purchased the device immediately. Regardless of whether I had the space for it, or not.

Obviously, I am still not sold. I need convincing!