Monday, November 15, 2010


This is a partial reveal of mock-up "Alpha". In hand, it's light, a quarter-inch shorter in height than a 4.3" screened smartphone, .6" in width, and offers standard control expected of todays' games with no interruption of Kinect functionality. 

Please understand I can not reveal the entire device at this moment. There is way more to Project K than it aesthetic similarities to the new 360 slim design. Stay tuned!

Size comparison:


  1. this is moronical

  2. Why make a hardware controller for a program that is not intended for one. Kinect with a controller is called a 360

  3. Reply to Anonymous who stated "Kinect with a controller is called a 360" -- Kinect with the current 360 controller is limiting for the simple face you need both hands to use it. It's not limiting because of the buttons.

  4. This will probably have a touchscreen in the controler, so it can be a different controller per game. Pretty much like a "omnijoystick" or something...

  5. @Yuri...Sorry, no touchscreen in Project K...But I like your thinking! I have a feature that is similar to your idea, but a little more practical.

    Thanks for posting!

  6. While I agree that holding the xbox controller is a 2-handed affair there are some issues with what you are proposing.

    1)MS won't allow 3rd party controllers to be wireless....SUCKS!
    2)You might have patent issues with your design
    3)You are then assuming that devs are going to expect all Kinect games to use this controller over the standard 360 controller.
    Meaning devs would have to program the inputs using your device and 1 free hand. What happens to their sales when those 15mil Kinect users(I'm anticipating your release by then or later) of which only <500k have your device go to buy a game made by one of these devs?

    honestly the awesomeness of the Kinect is you could use a stick as a controller as long as you moved it in the right direction for the action you want. No need for expensive peripherals being added to game packages.

  7. @John...Thanks for posting. Your comments have been helpful. I addressed each point below:

    1)MS won't allow 3rd party controllers to be wireless....SUCKS! --This does suck and I wasn't aware of the wireless restriction on 3rd parties. Thank you for the info. I thought MS's proprietary 2.4gHz wireless tech was the hurdle? I felt it could be licensed..?

    2)You might have patent issues with your design. --The patent is awaiting approval. It is worded carefully enough to carve the needed differentiation to grant the patent. Hopefully, it pans out.

    3)You are then assuming that devs are going to expect all Kinect games to use this controller over the standard 360 controller. --No, my design does not require devs to use it over the 360 pad. My design makes more practical sense when both control types are 1:1 in input options and functionality. Plus something extra!

    The trend in this hybrid motion control videogame market is for devs to build hybrid software. Touch and traditional input. (See PS3 and Wii) Even with Kinect, MS couldn't totally remove traditional input. The new 360 dashboard is proof of that.

    And if one of those games from one of those devs is THE blockbuster, AAA Kinect title targeted at MS's primarily core gamer base; there are no worries! Only more games like it to come! And the Kinect technology matures for the next console generation.

    I want Kinect to succeed. However, until MS addresses the core gamer with compelling, core software coupled with a means to control it however they wish; I am not buying.

    Thanks again, John!

  8. As far as I know, not one 3rd party maker, so far, has obtained a license for wireless controllers. However this actually might only apply to controllers that use the same look and feel of the original controller. On second thought, wireless guitars are prevalent for GH or RB, so you might have a way in as long as they deem it to not be a replacement. I actually didn't know about the issue until the TRON controllers came out and they were required to be wired due to this limitation MS has.

    I think your biggest hurdle is either selling your company/patent to MS or selling it to a big name dev that wants to try to corner the market on the controller once they make their AAA title. Although something tells me that MS would then disallow the wireless portion of the controller and there would be a horrid fight for control(good for you).

  9. give it time first and then maybe look into something like this.... OH yeah Kinect blows away Move, or you can stay and have your stupid ball in 2d, im in the 3d world huh


  11. Why are all of you Anonymous people posting negative comments on a product that you know nothing about yet? It's 1 thing to leave constructive feedback, but there is no need to be ignorant. Good luck with the Pending Patent.

    Do you have a Facebook page for this? So its easier to keep track of any updates/news on Project K?

  12. @Anonymous who said: "Good luck with the Pending Patent"

    Thank you! I expected a great deal backlash on this design because of the image I chose to leak. It seems to be wii like but is far from it. Once I reveal the final design, it will make sense.

    I do have a facebook page here.

    I post a majority of the updates on Twitter here.

    Those updates are sent immediately to fb. Keep checking back here as well.

    And anyone reading this please friend me or follow me on fb and twitter!

  13. Ive got to be honest. This device has great potential. I think for someone to come up with something along these lines is tedious and difficult. I am fairly confident that it can be wireless due to the fact that I personally have 2 3rd party Xbox 360 wireless controllers, one of which is the Tron controller. This design looks great! Kudos to you sir for coming up with something this revolutionary. Keep up the great work and good luck!

  14. The entire design for Project K has been revealed! Let me know what you think. Check it out here: