Thursday, May 26, 2011

Better with Kinect Sensor!

The tagline for Kinect's holiday software push has been revealed! 'Better With Kinect Sensor'. How will the hardcore gamer respond to this marketing? I, hardcore gamer #140271, must admit the phrase is simple and direct. It creates a curious urge to see how 'better' the title is with Kinect. But ultimately, we gamers will be the judge of that claim.

It is encouraging to see Microsoft starting to get serious about expanding the demographic of Kinect. Its easy to attract the casual gamesheep when you hire Justin Bieber to spew forth 'new', 'fun', and 'awesome' phrases about your product on twitter between concerts. (After all, he does have nearly 10 million followers!)

That attraction is a little tougher, in my opinion, where the rubber meets the road among hardcore gamers. You know us Microsoft. We are the uber-loyal, passionate bunch who churn the gaming industry. We expect unprecedented control with this sweet new tagline. Can you provide it?

I still haven't purchased a Kinect. And depending on how true this 'Better with Kinect Sensor' tagline proves in the new software titles; I may be singing a different tune this holiday season!